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Pottery made with love

I create beautiful and functional art pottery illustrated with birds, hedgehogs, elephants, cats, flowers and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy. My works are unique and unusual gifts that are not only useful but tell a story.  Each piece is perfect for 9th anniversary, wedding, birthday gifts or any occasion. Unless otherwise noted, all pieces are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Karen is amazing! She takes pottery to a new level, mixing a whimsical and playful talent with lovely and practical pieces. I use my server every day. The honey pot is beyond adorable! ~Nancy M.

Painting a world of

whimsy and imagination

How do you give happiness? For me, it is in my whimsical painted creations that make people smile and have brought joy to hospital emergency rooms, doctors waiting rooms, children’s rooms and the homes of collectors across the country. 

I love to tell stories and in my cow paintings, they are whimsical tales straight out of my imagination where colorful bovine can do and be just about anything.

In my People on the Couch series, I create what I call an honest type of portraiture where I catch people being themselves in family snapshots. 

Another series, where I began as a painter in black and white, are haunting images of a bygone era and simpler time. 

Original Folk Art Painting



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The funny cows with no faces make me smile deep down....I knew from just looking at them one time that they would make me smile and feel good every time I walked into a room with them in it. ~Nelva P.

The Studio

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Made in Pennsylvania

House of the Rising Star ismy studio which is located behind my home in beautiful southern Chester County, Pa. I am the art maker, but I have a crew which consists of (clockwise from the top left) Zimmy, aka Ceramics cat (marketing & PR), Princess ( studio supervisor), Betty Boop (production assistant), Fluffer (angelic inspiration from over the rainbow bridge) and my darling husband Al, (moral support and heavy lifting)