About Karen O'Lone-Hahn

"Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life." ~ Pablo Picasso


House of the Rising Star Art Studio is my little studio located behind my home in beautiful southern Chester County, Pa. Here, the roads are long and winding, the sky is full of stars at night and wineries and horse farms dot the landscape. An artist like me doesn't have far to go to find inspiration.


I have a lot of fun creating paintings in my self taught folk arty kind of way and making things out of clay. Occasionally, I am inspired to write things, like my childrens books, but mostly I spend my time letting my imagination run wild in my paintings or creating functional pottery. 


I'm very productive as you will see if you have a look around.  Making art is kind of an obsession. I just love making it. I love making art that is happy, that feels good when you look at it, when you touch it. There's no pretense here, nothing haughty, just a lot of art made with love.  

I am a one man band. I make everything myself but I do have support staff. I hope you might have the opportunity sometime to drop by and meet us all! 




Production Assistant


Quality Control


Inspiration & Angelic Protection

Zimmy (aka Ceramics Cat)

Marketing and PR


Moral Support and Heavy Lifting