Badass Cat Mug, 24k gold heart

Badass Cat Mug, 24k gold heart


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This is a new design to honor my sweet bad ass cat Fluffer. He has a gold lustre heart because he was a very territorial Badass Cat outside of the house but a sweet lovable kitty with a heart of gold inside. The mug has a red interior for the boldness of his spirit. Also features a gold lustre thumb tab.

All of my pieces but particularly these mugs are made with a lot of love and care and require several hours of work. First they are thrown from a lump of clay on the potters wheel and then trimmed. When they are "leather hard", I hand draw the images.

I then paint the images with two layers of underglaze. Next I paint wax over those images and once it is dry, carve an outline of each and any words I might be including. (This is called sgraffito) Next I paint black underglaze into the carving crevices and once dry, wipe any remaining on top. I then leave the pieces to get bone dry before firing them for the first time in the kiln. 

After this first firing, I wax the bottoms and dip them in clear glaze and fire again to 2250 degrees.

Lastly, I hand paint precious gold pluster onto specific areas and fire a third time to 1450 degrees. 

After all of this, they are ready for you to love and enjoy for years to come as a unique hand crafted work of art.

Maybe you have  a sweet Badass Cat of your own?

Design © Karen O'Lone-Hahn 2016
Hand thrown on the potters wheel each one of a kind mug holds approx. 8-10 oz. 

Ceramic Coffee Mug. 3 1/2 " tall,  3 " Wide and holds approx. 8 oz.

This listing is for ONE mug. Shipping will be adjusted for multiple purchases.

Each piece of Rising Star Pottery is hand thrown on the potter's wheel, glazed in lead-free glazes and fired. It is here where the kiln gods transform the final product, giving each piece its unique look.

Hand wash. No microwave!

Signed KOH by the artist

Love, peace and pottery~ All colors are approximate and may appear slightly different depending on your monitor settings.

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