Miniature Porcelain Christmas Tree

Miniature Porcelain Christmas Tree


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They're so sweet to look at! I make these miniature Christmas trees by using rings of concentric circles of thin porcelain clay, turning each one tight on itself and then stack them on top of one another. Next I top with a tiny little star and into the kiln they go!

Once fired, they get a dip in shiny clear glaze and back into the kiln for another fire. When they come out, I hand paint gold luster on each little star and they go back into the kiln for one last firing.

They are so delicate and sweet that you will want to keep them among your finest winter holiday decor. 


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Each piece of House of the Rising Star Pottery is hand thrown on the potter's wheel, glazed in lead-free glazes and fired. It is here where the kiln gods transform the final product, giving each piece its unique look.

All colors are approximate and may appear slightly different depending on your monitor settings

*Each of my ceramic pieces is entirely handmade, unique and one-of-a-kind. They are formed by hand and hand painted. There may be slight imperfections of your piece,  what we call  "the hands of the maker" which give you unique piece it's one of a kind, hand made character. The work of my hands to yours. 

Please be aware that any ceramic product that is "perfect" is probably slip cast, a method in which "liquid" clay (slip) is poured into molds and left to harden. The hardened pieces are then removed from the mold and fired. Many potters do not feel that slip casting is truly handmade.

Love, peace and pottery~ All colors are approximate and may appear slightly different depending on your monitor settings.


Decorate your mantle, dresser, tablestop or any special place in your home. A one of a kind treasure to add to your holiday decor.

Trees are 2 3/4"-3"  tall 

***All Designs © Karen O'Lone-Hahn***

All glazes are non toxic. All inquiries welcome, please message me with questions.

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