Orange Tabby cat Sculpture, handmade ceramic pottery

Orange Tabby cat Sculpture, handmade ceramic pottery


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Cat Sculpture, Ceramic Stoneware Orange Tabby

This Handmade Ceramic Orange Tabby Cat Sculpture is completely handmade, thrown on the potters wheel using mid fire white stoneware clay.

After throwing the base shape and trimming, I then attach nose, ears and tail.

After bisque firing at 1940 degrees, I hand paint the entire kitty and coat with a high fire clear gloss glaze.

The sculpture then goes back into the kiln for another fire to 2250 degrees where it comes out shiny and happy and ready for your home.

Use indoors or out but bring inside in freezing temps.


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Design © Karen O'Lone-Hahn 2015

Food, micro and dishwasher safe

Approx. 7"-8 1/2" tall
(sizes are approx. and will vary as each piece is a unique work of art) 

Each piece of Rising Star Pottery is hand thrown on the potter's wheel, glazed in lead-free glazes and fired. It is here where the kiln gods transform the final product, giving each piece its unique look.


Signed KOH by the artist

Love, Peace and Pottery

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