Holy Communion

This week's painting is another in the series of my first black and white's. I hope I won't bore anyone by presenting this series together but they represent a whole period of reflection on my life fueled by my Mother's death. This painting was done from
a snapshot of myself, my brother and my father the day of my Holy Communion. I don't particulary remember anything about the day, except for our priest taking my purse and tucking it between his legs under his cassock to hide it for another picture. This one in some ways reminds me of the Grant Wood painting "American Gothic" in it's stiffness. I don't know if it was because of my state of mind at the time I painted it or some underlying feeling, but whenever I look at this one, there appears to be a sinister feeling which seems to have come from my unconscious into the painting. I would really appreciate your comments and feedback. Below it says "Post Comment" in pink, if you click on that you will be able to leave your comments . I hope you are enjoying my blog thus far and look forward to sharing more with you.