Southern Chester County Artists Studio Tour

Well, I managed to get my studio together in time and the first day of the tour went off pretty well. The only fly in the ointment was the wind which prevented my friend Mary and I (an amazingly talented fabric artist) from utilizing the outdoors due to high wind. Mary shared the indoors with me and we had lots of folks come by to peruse our work. The people were really cool, several other artists, art lovers and even an animal whisperer who told me a lot about what my cats were thinking especially our oldest one Fluffer. ( He is unhappy) She is the blonde lady seated in one of the pictures. The day went by pretty quickly. I am looking forward to tomorrow and what the day may bring. I sold several books, prints and a couple of originals. If you are local and reading this, I hope you will be dropping by to take advantage of some of the great prices that I have going on for the sale. I am even selling chances on a very popular limited edition giclee'. So, Hope to see you in Landenberg tomorrow or next weekend as the tour continues. I will keep you all updated.
Karen O'Lone-HahnComment