Are You Famous?

Do people stop you on the street and say "Wow, you're her!" ? That's what one of the children at the Landenberg Christian Academy asked me the other day when I went there to do a book reading for them. Sadly, I had to reply no, only that I was a legend in my own mind and someday maybe... LOL! The kids were really great. I started with the preschoolers who I didn't really expect to be able to sit well through my 40 page book. They were really very well behaved and excited. They sat quietly and listened and at the end got to come up with the school director Julie Malone and give my 4 ft stuffed Millicent the cow a big hug. Next I read to the older grades, 3-5. They were also very well behaved and asked great questions at the end. I got to do a little more than just read with this group. I brought all my early writings, scribblings and sketches, in addition to the original paintings used for the book, so I was able to present the entire process of how I wrote and illustrated the book from beginning to end. It was a very fun day and I hope to do it at other schools in the future on a more regular basis.
Julie Malone had this to say about my visit

"I would highly recommend having Karen O’Lone-Hahn visit any school. It is incredibly valuable for students to see real life examples of people who have put a dream into reality. It is also valuable for them to see that even published authors need to work hard and persevere through the entire writing process from the initial ideas, to the rough drafts, to the final published work. Our teachers were extremely pleased with Mrs. O’Lone-Hahn’s visit, as it proved to be a highly educational, as well as inspiring experience for all of our students."

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