Consistently Inconsistent

Ok, so I dropped the ball on my "being creative every day" challenge. I was sick. Oh, that's a fib. The dog ate all of my art supplies. Oh wait, I don't have a dog. Um, lets see, I fell asleep and when I woke up I realized that I had been sleeping for days and had amnesia...... grrr, not true either. Truth-I just got busy with life-errands, putting away Christmas stuff, my hurt foot, book club (which I feel no shame for since I love it immensely). Seems like every Jan., I try to commit to some new plan, like dieting, reading the bible every day, walking, being creative. I realize and accept that the only thing I am really consistent at is being inconsistent. Maybe a little ADD. While I feel a little bummed with myself about it, I don't think at my age I am going to change much without real heroic effort or a Jillian Michaels of the art world who is going to whip me into shape by standing over me every day and yelling at me to get my ass out in the studio. So I accept myself, because feeling guilty gets me nowhere and saps my energy to move on when I am inspired to do my thing. I will just keep getting back up on the saddle and riding my little pony to whatever artistic phase I am in on that particular day or moment. Isn't that what artists are supposed to do anyway? Follow their muse? Float with the wind? So I am going to keep working and posting as close to daily as possible and I am still holding on to my theme of mother and child though everything I do may not fit into that category. I also realized that I was getting myself out of the "cow" box and maybe putting myself into another one. Stay tuned- Here is what I did today- I had so much darn fun. I have just started throwing pots. While I am not a prodigy or anything, I started doing pretty well from the get go and am having too much fun with it. I love exploring this new medium and the camaraderie I am having with the other potters in the studio. Some of these I just threw today and others are green ware ready for the kiln. I am going to attempt some hand painting with them, so I will post what they come out looking like. Tomorrow I am going to do some hand building with my mother and child theme.

Karen O'Lone-Hahn2 Comments