The Creative Challenge and the Art Mothering

As I said in my post "My New Journey", I am moving along towards something new and getting there is a process. I have read a number of other blogs andwhat I am taking from them is a couple of different challenges and ways to be inspired. Thefirst and biggest challenge that I interested me was to make something creative every day. For me this is huge, as even though I stay at home, there always seems to be appointments, or cleaning or shopping or child chauffeuring that needs to be done and getting into the studio can be a struggle. But in this challenge the idea is to do something CREATIVE, that doesn't necessarily have to be a painting a day. It can be a quick sketch, a little collage, anything. So I am going to commit to this challenge and look forward to what comes out of it. (And hope I can do it!) I hope to post what I make daily. Another idea that I came across to stay inspired and creative was to pick a theme. I was stuck on this, until I started projecting into next year and thinking about what it will be like if my one and only beautiful daughter goes away to college. She is young, graduating at 16 and has been accepted to a college 5 hours from home. She may decide to stay home for the first year and go to a community college, but I have to be ready for her to leave, something I am not really prepared for since it wasn't supposed to happen for another year. So my theme is kind of a no-brainer- it will be mother and child, mother and daughter, beginning with the little painting below. I don't know how this theme will manifest itself- I may paint, draw, write, make jewelry, try on some crafty things I have always wanted to do, like felting..I may or may not do some self portraits or paintings of K and I.... the idea is to move through this creative space and see where it takes me... At least for now I know what train I am on... :0)
Karen O'Lone-Hahn2 Comments