Let It Flow! And how I use a reference ...

OK, so I could start beating myself up because I missed making something yesterday and posting :0( However, I am going to choose not to becauseI had a very good reason. Since our daughter was away for the weekend, my husband and I slept in late, he brought me breakfast in bed and we laid around watching tv until we felt like moving. Then we went to the National Constitution center in Philly to see the exhibit "Art of the American Soldier" It was a really nice exhibit and it did me good to experience all the different styles of painting and drawing. So at least I DID something creative This challenge is also proving to be really good for me. I am painting faster and looser than I ever have and exploring the subject of mother/daughter, children. family etc.. is really helping me work through a lot of feelings. I wanted to paint something today but didn't have any real ideas or feel inspired so I surfed the web for something to get me going. I searched "mother child images". What I found was the sculpture below by Carla Sirilli which I used for a reference. I would not ever copy someone's art but used this to see the gesture and feeling of what I might want to paint. The result is "Can We Play More? It is 5x7 acrylic on masonite. Please comment and let me know what you think:0)
Karen O'Lone-HahnComment