Drumroll Please!

Congratulations to Diane Clancy for being the winner of my first giveaway- a matted and signed print of "The Land of Pez". My apologies for not posting the winner Feb 1. I was busy being taken to the hospital after a terrible fall on the ice. I have just had more x-rays this morning and am taking steroids and muscle relaxers and motrin for pain. So far I am lucky- no broken ribs, but todays x-rays were looking for back and spine problems. So, I am a little tired from the pain and all the meds, so I may not post again for a few days while I heal and sleep:0) which is where I am going right now! Congrats again to Diane, watch for this months giveaway which I will post @ Feb 17- my birthday
Karen O'Lone-Hahn2 Comments