I'm so proud of Me :0)

So I began on this new adventure of being creative everyday, ok, most days, and in that I have been trying something new- throwing pots. You saw what I made a few posts back titled consistently inconsistent where I showed pix of my green ware and just thrown pots on the wheel. Well, when it came time to glaze and fire them, I was thinking about painting and asked my friend and awesome clay instructor Brenda how I might do just that. She showed me the under glazes and how to give them a clear glaze when I was done and set me loose. Since I have always been a painter this was the perfect marriage of old and new. I had a rather limited palette, but I mixed up what I had enough to create some interesting designs, in my pretty little flowers that I painted onto them. I was so happy yesterday when I walked in the studio and saw hownicely they came out. They remind me of painted Mexican pots. I had some other items there that had come out of the kiln as green ware, so I sat and painted those as well and will be able to get them on Thurs. I am so hoping that I will be able to throw on the wheel again by then. I had a terrible fall on the ice last Tues. where I had to be carted off to the emergency room by ambulance because I went down on a cement curb on my back. Fortunately, nothing was broken but I am still sore and on the mend. It takes some strength and a lot of bending over to be able to throw, so please send out a few prayers my way- I really love doing it :0)