Returned from MIA

Wow! Life has really been busy for me and resulted in my being missing in action here on my blog and in my work for the most part in general. My darling daughter graduated last week and my life has been all about helping her get there and planning a big bash to celebrate her achievements.We are very proud parents indeed. :0) I did also have that commission that I was working on that I had to keep on double secret probation as it was a gift for someone who follows me on facebook. Now that it has been given, I can unveil it here to show everyone what I have been doing artistically. This is a take on my people on the couch paintings. Mom wanted a couch picture filled with all the things her daughter loves-pets, Gilmore girls, music, theater etc. Some of these things were a challenge to paint- like I don't do animals other than cows that much and the Glee poster hand and cats gave me a little trouble. I am very proud of this painting though, I like the composition I was able to come up with and how I solved the problem of having many browns in the working photos. Mom and her daughter were also very pleased. The other things I have been working on as you know are clay. I have remained addicted to this new medium and I think you can see my quick progress in the pots below which i made recently. My daughter and I think they are reminiscent of Egyptian canopic jars. I really like making them and I think I will top them with some kind of icon of my own, giving a nod to those Egyptian vessels.