I've Come a Long Way baby

Back in January, Istarted throwing clay pots and totally fell in love with it. I began veryhumbly, creating little pots. The clay and myinexperience, totallydictated to me what I was going to make and the result was never very big, tall or exciting. Iwas proud of what I did, but I think Iam progressing very nicely. I have begun making some very cool pot bellied vessels with lids, that are still evolving. some bowls, that are a nice
size, some vases... the list goes on. I still love my paintings,but look forward to when the clay studio reopens in September. I have already made a list of things I am going to make for Christmas gifts and to sell at my open Studio in the Fall. I love the challenge of the new medium and the camaraderie with other artists in the studio. Below are some examples of my new pieces. Some are already sold, which really blows my mind since I just started. Thanks to those of you who have been buying both my ceramics and paintings.