Launching My New Website Today!

I am so proud of myself. It took me weeks to complete, but my new, completely overhauled website is now up and running in fact -you are already on it! I felt after 6 years, that it was time for a fresh look and I wanted to create a seamless experience for people visiting my website to also visit my blog and my new website-, a site created just for "Millicent and the Faraway Moon" under the moniker of House of the Rising Star Publishing. I hope you will take some time to look around. I have created not just a site, but a whole gallery catalog of my work created from around 1985 and onward. Many people only know me through my cow paintings, but now folks can get to know all facets of my artistic persona. In the galleries, prints are instantly available for purchase and originals are offered, just inquire for pricing. There is also a link to Cafe press where notecards, mouse pads and even Christmas ornaments with my work on them is available. I will really appreciate if you would comment here with thoughts about the new look and feel of my site, especially if there is something I might have overlooked.
Thanks for reading, for looking around my site and for supporting me as an artist!