Learning to Draw and Paint

I have been blessed with a couple of happy, intelligent and talented art students. These girls came to me with a desire to learn to draw and paint beyond what they are getting in school. It gives my heart joy to see such enthusiasm in the kids. I really enjoy the one on one with them, so much different from being a classroom art teacher. There were plenty of kids who were there because they liked art and wanted to be there but unfortunately, there were several more who didn't and were constant distractions for the kids who had a real interest in art. I always felt bad that I often didn't have time to get to the kids who wanted to learn more because I had to deal with the kids who were acting out. Sometimes I could get those kids engaged too which felt good, but often not. Having kids in my studio is a real treat. I love chatting with them about their lives and seeing how quickly they pick up what I am teaching them.
I wish I could package the enthusiasm of 10 year old Mackenzie. Yesterday when we were doing a crayon resist drawing of a leaf and I told her to add some free form doodles around her leaf drawing, she got all excited and clapped her hands, and giggled and said "bluueeeee". (Her favorite color).
It never feels old hat for me when I make something new, there is an excitement and sometimes when I come up with something fun like my Oreos and Milk painting, I kind of tickle myself inside. But getting older seems to dull in many ways that unbridled joy that comes with being a kid, the discovery of a new technique, color, ability. Maybe that's why I've gotten so hooked on pottery now. It's a whole new playing field and each piece is a new challenge and opportunity to discover something new inside myself.

I am so pleased with Marlene and Mackenzie. They are very eager and pick things up quickly and it is delightful to see what they do.
We have a few more classes before the holidays. In January I may take on another student or two. I have room for maybe 1 more kid (age 10-14) and 2 adults. So contact me if you are thinking about taking on a new challenge yourself like my adult student Cindy, who is bravely stepping out there to learn something new.