My Pottery Now on Etsy!

I was timid about selling pottery online due to concerns about shipping, but who am I to deprive others of the fruits of my new found passion? If you look on the blog archives, you will see what a solid progression I have made as a clay artist over the last year and wow-how that flew by! I started with little bowls and now have made 12" Raku vases, stoneware casseroles, mugs and all sorts of nice things which has now given me more confidence about offering it to the public. My new etsy shop is RisingStarPottery1 and I have populated it with the 13 items that I have left from my holiday sales. There is plenty more to come including pieces that I didn't have time to finish before the studio closed for the winter break. When it reopens next week, I plan to get right to work creating gift items for Valentine's day and spring items maybe like hanging pots and wind chimes. I am still a painter and maintaining my other etsy shop as well where I sell my original painintgs, prints, my kids book, notecards, anything related to my painting. That shop name is
"grampa1" though beginning tomorrow it will be changed to "RisingStarArt". Look at me, going for consistency! Go figure :0) You'll know its me when you get there! Well, hope you'll have a look at my new pottery shop and show me some love by either purchasing, liking it on FB or tweeting or pinning or doing whatever on which ever social network you're on! Thanks as always for your support of my creative life!