Projects on the Shelf- My Coloring Book

Seems there just aren't ever enough hours in the day. I spend most days now at the pottery studio since I have gotten totally hooked. The good news is that I have been selling so many paintings lately, that its time for me to refresh my inventory. don't know if more cow paintings will be in the offing, I have painted more than 100 and I think I may need a new muse. I would like to get back to painting more personal images and maybe some more serious subject matter. In the meantime, I have left another project on the back burner for more than a year. That is a coloring book that I started featuring several of my existing paintings which I turned into black and white line drawings with the aide of photoshop. For all intents and purposes it may be finished. I have about 10 images done which is plenty for a coloring book but I have as yet to determine a printing method to keep the cost low. Any suggestions are always welcome as well as an motivational thoughts to help me get this one done....:0)