Hunters Rob Citizens of Paradise

One of the best things about living in Southern Chester County Pa. is the many pristine and beautiful Nature Preserves that make up a good portion of my 12 square mile township. Along with the cow farms, horse farms and wineries, these are the places that recharge me as a person and inspire me as an artist. After a hot, hot summer in which I did not care to go outside much to excercise but opted for the YMCA instead, I have started to really look forward to my favorite time of year- Autumn.

With the temperatures already beginning to cool, I have felt motivated to get up in the morning to head to one of my favorite spots to hike. White Clay Creek State Park straddles Pa. and Delaware with some trails beginning about 1 mile from my house in Pa. It is a spectacular place to walk along the creek as attested to by the many joggers, bikers, and dog walkers that I usually pass along my way. One of my other favorite places is Crossan Park in Franklin Preserve.

Recently I learned that I have to be willing to take my chances on having an arrow shot in my back or getting shot with a gun if I want to enjoy a walk in any of four Nature Preserves.(Goodwin, Banffshire, White Clay Creek Crescent, Franklin) Apparently, our local township supervisors have approved provisions for a private Hunting Club of about 30 members which puts local residents at risk.

Formerly limited to 2 weeks of archery hunting only, the gun club can now hunt for 6 weeks with bow and arrow and GUNS. There is no restriction on the hours and the parks will remain open.
The best part? They are allowing children under 18 to hunt!

Therefore, township residents who pay for these parks are restricted in their usage of them for the recreation of 30 people. The Supervisors who approved this are selling it as deer management even though they voted to dissolve as unnecessary the oversight group previously formed and set in place for that purpose.

I am glad to know about this. I was able to warn my daughter that she and her friends should not enter the woods near our local park. I know that I can't go in there. Uninformed people however, who may decide to go out for a walk at the wrong time could end up shot by by some 12 year old with a gun or an overzealous adult.

There is no other township in our county that allows such insanity in their township owned parks. I just pray that no one ends up hurt or worse before ours figures out that this is a bad idea.