Studio Makeover

We bought my studio from Amish builders in Gap, Pa. about 6 years ago. They are built as sheds and come unfinished on the inside so what you do with it is left to your imagination. It is 12 ft. by 20 ft. and I got the fancy doors put on it (for an extra charge) and extra windows for maximum light. We also bought the optional window boxes, as I wanted it to have a warm feeling for customers when they came to visit.   My husband and I finished the inside with insulation, drywall, cathedral ceilings and vinyl flooring.
It has served me well, providing me with a wonderful space to create new paintings and pottery, hold open studios, and have collectors drop by. It has also been great just to have a place to escape to, especially in the winter time when I am feeling hemmed in. I have enjoyed it in the form it came in with a white exterior and red trim and window boxes but felt it was time for it to get a  new do this summer. (The smaller building is my husbands shed)

One of the beautiful things about having a college kid home during the  summer is the availability of cheap labor :0) My daughter came home at a time when it didn't make sense for her to look for a 
summer job, so she did a lot of projects around the house to earn money. Having the wonderful artistic
sense that she does, she and I went to pick paint colors to give the studio the pizazz to match my work.

She worked hard and did a great job and now I am just delighted to look at my studio when I go outside everyday. It just looks so happy against the green surrounding it and is a place that I am even more proud of to bring clients and friends to see my work!

Karen O'Lone-Hahn2 Comments