If you can draw a circle, then I can teach you to paint!

Many people have said to me that they would like to learn how to paint, but that they can't even draw a straight line without a ruler. Well, guess what? Neither can I- and I have been an artist since I could hold a pencil!

Making drawings and paintings is not about making straight lines unless you are going for a certain type of realism and in those cases, often a ruler IS used.

Drawing and painting is about SEEING. It's about observing objects and shapes and seeing through them. It's about dissection and observation. It's about coordinating hand to eye.

Sound intimidating? It's not. If you can draw a circle, square, rectangle etc., then I can teach you to paint. I have a method of teaching which will help you break down what you are seeing into simple shapes and connect them to become the objects before your eyes.

I can also teach you simple ways of mixing and dealing with color that will have you creating and finishing at least one masterpiece (or more) during my 9 week painting class which I teach at The Art Studio 310 Kiamensi Road
Wilmington, DE 19804.

This is a photo of one of my previous students at work on a painting.  She walked into my class with zero experience in drawing or painting and completed 2 1/2 beautiful still life paintings during last semester.

If you would like something fun, laid back and rewarding to do with your long winter nights, then consider joining my Acrylic Painting class.

The class meets on Weds. evenings starting on Jan. 22 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The cost is $155.00 for residents and $165.00 for non-residents. Materials can either be bought from me at $35 or on your own from the supply list provided when registering. 

You may register online at The Art Studio of New Castle County or by calling : (302) 995-7661

Feel free to give me a holler with any questions. Hope to see you there! 
Karen O'Lone-HahnComment