Painting Again….

Three years ago, I learned the magic of spinning a ball of  clay on the potter's wheel and and turning it into a beautiful vase, bowl or object of my imagination. I have been having a total love affair with it since then. Any potter will tell you that once you put your hands in clay and start making things, it quickly becomes an obsession. At the time I started making clay things, I was in need of a new challenge. I felt pigeon holed in my painting as it seemed there was an expectation for me to produce a certain thing- cow paintings mostly, and for those, I was losing my love for creating them. Making clay came around at just the right time. I needed the change and my daughter was leaving for college and if working with clay teaches you anything, it is how to let go- as your work can go horribly wrong at several points along in it's creation. So for all intents and purposes, I had mostly turned my back on painting for the last 3 years. I produced the occasional painting when I taught, but beyond that, I was giving all my love to the clay which is a very demanding lover indeed.

I wanted to create new work for a show of my paintings which I have hanging this month at

Paradocx Vineyard

. I have to admit that it was hard to get started. Once I did, I started to remember why still I love painting. Painting on clay allows me to decorate. Painting on canvas affords me the opportunity to create a visual story. I didn't realize how much was lying dormant in my head when images kept popping in there when I gave myself the prompt "winery." I finished a few new pieces and probably would have done more if I didn't run out of time. I have painted hundreds of cow paintings but lately, since I live with 4 of them, cats have been creeping into my work. Here is a little pictorial of the process of painting "Bottle Baby" which is in the show.  If you are one of my cow lovers, don't worry there are plenty of those in the show too!