How to make clay (or paper) angels

This little clay angel is a cinch to make. It could be easily adapted to using sturdy papers or stiffened gauze for the body and lightweight wood balls.  I am using white stoneware clay  and

Amaco Potters Choice Glazes.

The first thing to do is to roll out a nice slab around 1/4 " thick.

I use a small pattern roller meant for fondant that I got at the craft store, but you could really use anything to create  the texture you desire.

Cut the slab into a circle the diameter that you wish to make the base. Mine was measured with a cool whip lid. Make a center mark and cut a straight line of clay from the out.

Fold the clay around on itself until it makes a nice tight sturdy base. If your clay is pretty wet, just a little pressure at the seams will keep it together. Other wise, score and slip. 

I took the corner edge and gave it a little flip to add depth and interest. Roll balls of clay the size that you want your heads to be, poke a hole in them (to deter unfortunate kiln events) and attach to the bodies with slip. 

A handy dandy miniature extruder (also bought at the craft store in the clay section) is great for making textured spaghetti hair.) If your clay is wet enough, just put it on there and give it a gentle push to attach. otherwise slip it on neatly.

From the scraps of you slab, cut the angel wings to the desired shape and attach with slip to the backs.  My little praying hands evolved from the wing leftovers but you can fashion them any way you wish. Have fun and

Happy Christmas in July