After the thaw, a busy May

It seemed like the winter would go on forever. March never went out like a lamb and April remained as cold and wet and miserable as the month before. There were 3 snowfalls in April, something I hadn't experienced since living in the frozen tundra of Buffalo. 

But spring did finally arrive in May, trees starting budding leaves precariously, plants and flowers slowly peeked their heads above ground. Once I got the go from Mother Nature, I began to feel alive again, like I could breath, soak up the sun and be regenerated after two months of shocking cold after a month in the warmth of Nicaragua.


IMG_2246 (1).jpg

One of my

first orders of business was attending a lecture on how and what to plant for pollinating bees and butterflies. 


Taking a walk

through Longwood Gardens is also great for both artistic and gardening inspiration.

White ring dish product.jpg

I spent

many hours re-photographing items for my website, a week to clean and prepare my studio for this years Spring Open Studio and hours upon hours re-designing my website and uploading images. 


A beautiful 

Mother's Day gift from my sweet daughter. I had a lovely day, but missed her very much.

IMG_2257 (1).jpg

Embarked on 

reading the first of my book club's picks for the year, a little 500+ page tome. (I'm at pg. 386) I can't believe this little group I started has been together for 10 years in August! (We call ourselves "the Hot Chicks Book Club" in case you're wondering :0) 

IMG_2266 (1).jpg

Always looking

to improve my pottery making skills, I joined a new potters group and attended a wheel throwing workshop. 


Inspired to

go home and get into my studio, it was time to get out some of the new clay toys I had acquired and try some new things. These mugs I have underway have garnered quite a bit if interest on Instagram and Facebook. Here's hoping the glaze process makes them even better. 


The end of 

the month brought us two sets of Airbnb guests in a week. One couple from Florida, the other from Ukraine. We find being Airbnb hosts fun and rewarding. We have had the pleasure of hosting really nice people from many places around the world.  

In between all of those events, I was planting my garden, weeding and doing a total makeover of my laundry closet after 18 years.  I can't tell you how good that felt. Though I often wish that I could be making art all of the time, there are so many tasks to be done and other aspects of my life which compete for my attention. Some are just the day to day chores and activities, but a lot are also great experiences and integral parts of my life (like many of the highlights mentioned above) which give me joy and inspiration to share with others and bring back into my art.