My 3-d painting experiment

I get inspiration and ideas from all over the place. A couple of years ago, my niece asked of she could get married in our back yard to which my husband and I happily agreed. It was a lovely small wedding and an event that we will cherish the memory of for a long time. When the wedding was over, there were two rolls of bridal roll left here somehow. It sat in a closet, until one day I looked at it and wondered if I could use it as an art material somehow. 

Courteney-JIm wedding.jpg

I’d never attempted to add anything to my canvases before. I’ve always relied on the painting skills that I have to create the atmosphere I was going for on the 2-d surface. But I got this idea and I wanted to experiment with it and have fun and take a chance. That is what making art is all about. If you’re too careful and rigid and expect everything to come out perfect all the time, you are missing a lot of opportunities. Even failure is a rich opportunity because it opens up new avenues for problem solving and creativity, though it may not feel good at the time. 

I don't know who Brian Tracy is but he sounds smart... :0) 

I don't know who Brian Tracy is but he sounds smart... :0) 

I had an idea in my brain to paint a series of traveling cats and the first place I wanted to start was in Paris, a place that lives in my memory from a 2012 trip there. I guess I was on a total memory painting trip, as I decided that the star of this painting should be an homage to one of our beloved cats Lemon, whole we lost years ago. He was a handsome orange tabby with a debonair attitude around my neighbors lady cats and deserved to be depicted in a romantic place like Paris. 

You can see the stages of painting in my slide show from sketch to painting with the addition of the bridal roll fabric onto the canvas. I cut small round pieces of it ,bunched them up and stapled them to the canvas. It was a little tricky but I really wanted to have 3-d flowers on this painting so I made it work. Next I painted each one with several coats of gesso to stiffen them up and to provide a nice even white to paint onto. 

Once the flowers were stiff enough, I painted each one top and bottom with the red acrylic and added as many details as I could. I had no idea of they were going to remain stiff or just plop over like a bunch of dead posies. Turns out they are quite sturdy so I guess my little experiment was a success. Isn't it a joyous, happy painting? It is large, around 24 x36 and for sale here: