On the loose in Thailand

I haven’t written a blog post for quite a while. It stopped when I got a chance to go to Thailand for 3 weeks in November. When I came back it was after Thanksgiving and onto Christmas making things getting ready for the holiday.. Then I got into a giant work frenzy in January, February and March creating new work as a result of working on the Artist’s Way creative workbook. One great thing about that is that I proved to myself that I can be consistent. I actually wrote in the journal every single day for three months. I used to say that the only thing that I was consistent at is being inconsistent. LOL Now I know that I can actually be consistent for at least 3 months anyway.

Thailand was like a dream. I came back so inspired by all of the beautiful things and places that I saw. It is such a beautiful country. I was so impressed by the architecture and all of the color. It has to be the most colorful place that I’ve been to so far. Buildings and temples are decked out in glistening gold, glass and tile mosaic and paint colors in bright teal, gold, oranges and yellow.

We made a complete circle around the country.

We made a complete circle around the country.

Needless to say, we gorged ourselves on lots of exotic Thai food.

The most fun and memorable thing for me on the trip was the opportunity that I had to visit an elephant sanctuary in Chiangmai. There we got to interact with the elephants first one on onee for a half an hour before another group came to the sanctuary. We pet the elephants and talk to them and walked along with them. Then we got to feed them bananas which they are crazy for!

They were really funny. They stood at attention behind a low kind of wood fence that barely reached their knees. They waited patiently for us visitors to put bananas in their mouth or trunk for them to feed themselves. Then we went to a big mud hole where we got to get in with the elephants and give them a nice mud bath, which they thoroughly enjoyed. I had so much fun.

It was so incredible to see up close and interact with these sweet and gentle animals this way. I will admit it was a little unnerving if an elephant decided to get up out of the mud. Quite a bit of suction and massive power was going up with him. After the mud bath we went to a little river where the elephants got in and we were given little plastic bowls in which to fill water to pour on the elephants and rinse them off. The elephants were just like giant kids rolling and splashing with their trunks in the water.

One of the Thai boys started splashing me with water while I was rinsing off an elephant. Of course I splashed him back and that started a whole big water fight. The rest of the humans and the elephants joined in, them squirting water with their trunks on everyone. I was laughing so hard and just having the best time I think I’ve ever had in my life. I will never forget it. I also really grew to love the elephants. They worked their way into my soul because they are such giant, very sensitive and sweet creatures.

Undoubtedly, this, like many of my travel experiences has inspired me in my work. I am making a lot of new pieces involving elephants and employing some of the beautiful bright colors and patterns that I enjoyed feasting my eyes on while in Thailand. I wish I could share with you every picture and every moment that I spent there but I would be blogging on the one subject for at least a month. So for now, I will simply share with you my sweet elephant pictures and some new work which they inspired.

Have you been to Thailand or planning a trip there? Hit me up for info, ask a question or reminisce about your own time in the land of smiles. If you are going to be with elephants in Thailand, please only go to a reputable sanctuary where you do not ride the elephants. Please click here to find out why. We used the loving and responsible Elephant Dream Valley. Mr. Pat is also a wonderful guide who will take you as many places as you would like to go in northern Thailand. Oh, and lastly, did I mention the snake whiskey I drank? Yup, we took a longboat over to Laos long enough to taste cups of a whiskey concoction made in a large jar with a 6 foot cobra (dead) stuffed into it. No joke. They also sold small bottles of it with a baby cobra with a scorpion in its mouth. That’s me with our guide Mr. Pat in the first picture imbibing on it … LOL