A very natural progression

I’ve been doing pottery for about six years now. Because pottery is kind of like having small children, you can’t leave it by itself for very long. I spend most of my time with it now. I’ve spent the bulk of my artistic life as a painter. I have painted my brightly colored whimsical cows, people on the couch and black and white paintings over the span of about 25 years or so. The most being my cow paintings, I have created over 100!

I began doing a pottery because I had gotten to a point with painting where I felt a little pigeon holed and I needed a new challenge. Well, a challenge I got. It was very frustrating in the beginning, but I stuck with it.

Now I feel that my work is getting better and better as I study more and try new techniques. It’s taken me a while to settle in to who I am and what my style is with this medium. I think pretty much everything up until this point has been experimentation. What I settle in on is really crazy obvious- once a painter, always a painter. Right?  So,the natural progression is for me to paint on my pottery.

A new interpretation on ceramic of my painting “Bonjoor” (below) , which sold last year.

A new interpretation on ceramic of my painting “Bonjoor” (below) , which sold last year.


That is what I am doing now. Taking the time to illustrate images through various techniques onto my pottery. I am still putting out a canvas or two, but I find the challenge and element of surprise that occurs with making pottery exhilarating. 

tart plate.jpg