The pottery capitol of the United States

I have wanted to go to Seagrove, North Carolina which bills itself as the pottery capital of the United States, for quite some time. Like Nicaragua the potters here have a long-standing tradition of making pottery. In Nicaragua, their tradition goes all the way back to pre- Columbian times. In Seagrove, because our country is so young, their tradition goes back a mere 200 years, almost to the founding of the nation.

Seagrove is a sleepy little town. If it were not famous for the pottery, you would drive right through it. I went to experience the Celebration of Potters a few weekends ago. There were so many studios to visit, I couldn’t get to them all, even in 3 days. It was exhausting but so much fun meeting the very friendly artists, touring the studios, deciding what to buy and where to go next.

I went on my own, but I belong to a Facebook Group called Clay Buddies. I posted on it that I was going and if there were any clay buddies that had studios in Seagrove to let me know and I would be sure to stop by.

I also posted that if anyone were traveling alone like myself, to please let me know so we could hook up.

Well, on Saturday morning, I was enjoying amazing food at my beautiful bed and breakfast when I got a message from a woman who is a clay buddy and was in town alone also.

She and I met up at the first stop on our tour. Pottery Road Studios. Lori,the proprietor and also a clay buddy waswarm and welcomin. We all had a good time getting to know one another there. My new friend Sara and I went on throughout the day visiting potters of every stripe, including the studios of Ben Owen and Boyd Owens.

It was really interesting to see the studios. Some potters studio’s looked larger than the houses they lived in. Others, if you could judge by their home, seemed to be making quite a fine living with their talents. Many make their own glazes and even dig their own clay. The Owens red glaze is a famous mix that will be unavailable in a few years as the oxide needed to make it has been depleted.